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Chongqing Diligence General Machinery Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China KangChao Group. Kangchao Group is a large enterprise which involve in The Manufacture of Motorcycle, Motorcycle Parts, General and Agricultural Machinery, Logistic Industry, Financial and Modern Trade Service Industry etc. The Annual income of the group is more than 1 billion USD. Chongqing Diligence General Machinery Co.,Ltd as AEROBS is the brand of the company., Professionally engage in the research and development, manufacture and sales of various Gasoline Engine and related products such as the Gasoline Generator, Water Pump, Power Tiller and Construction Machines. The area of factory and office is around 100,000 square metres. With advanced equipment, five class semi-automatic production lines and more than 300 skilled workers and professional team. The sales volume is increasing every years and The Company is committed to create higher value for our global customers! Your Power, We Can!
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  • 13 2020.04
    Have you noticed that fewer bugs are hitting your windshield recently? Or that the fireflies of your childhood are disappearing? A new study reports that 40 percent of insect species are in decline and may die out within the next century. The current rate of extinction for insects is eight times higher than it is for mammals, birds, and reptiles. Losses of larger animals are being studied, but there is not as much data about insects. However a growing number of studies have begun to show the extent of insect losses. There are many causes of these losses. In areas with large-scale agriculture, pesticides are harming insect populations. In the tropics, climate change may be killing them. For example, in the rainforest in Puerto Rico mentioned above, the average high temperature had gone up by four degrees Fahrenheit over the period of the study. Other factors include habitat loss due to deforestation, large-scale agriculture, urbanization, and pollution. Finally globalization is also causing problems, since now parasites and diseases that are harmful to insects spread easily and quickly around the globe.
  • 10 2020.04
    What`s come up with your mind when you think about a famous innovative company? Microsoft? Tesla Or DJI? They are all innovative company who is leading the industrial revolution and keep pushing the world to the better future with their technology. The Innovation might be one of the key factor to survive even to success in a changing market today. Diligence General Machinery takes their step too as a New Research and Development Department has been established to develop the new products which can catch up with the new trend of the market and time. Electricty-driven Sprayer Drone is one of their hard-working result. The drone make the agricultural pesticide works way more safer, faster and profitable than traditional laborious method. You can finish the dangerous, troublesome and time-consuming pesticide works by just controlling the controller in your hand and letting the drone spray the pesticide on the crops efficiently. Definitely the Agricultural Sprayer protect your health, save your time and increase your income. It`s a new high-tech product worth you take a look at it and invest your money in it. Wanna learn more about it? Just click our drone section and here we go.
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